Take My Advice on Child Discipline

Save Your Breath sometimes. Think of how precious your breath is! Feel the sensation of taking it!

For what shall you use this precious breath? Save your breath for saying the warm and loving things your family and friends long to hear. Use it for engaging oratory aimed at saving the world and your community!

You literally save your breath by preserving and planting trees! … Stopping air pollution! By quitting smoking!

Some breath, though, is wasted. We can’t help that. However, we can save it in certain rote instances. One place that comes to mind is the constant repetition of certain lines used to train children.

Save Your Breath, the company, evolved from my needing help as a parent and wanting to help other parents and caregivers to also “save their breath”. Having to repeat the same training lines over and over and over again for 10+ years is a universal problem! I’ve developed a CD and a Phone App to help save some of this wasted breath!

These products were created because I saw the necessity to address, in the ‘real’ world, the need for parents to catch a break periodically in the process of raising their children. Raising children is no easy task...

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Stressed and aggravated raising your child/children? I can help decompress your weary nerves. Allow me to give you a Complimentary Parenting Breakthrough Session. Email me at rowena@saveyourbreath101.com with your phone number and Let’s Schedule!

When would NOW be a good time to get my help?

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STRESS IS WINNING!!! “83% of Americans spend NONE of their day just thinking. (It was) found that being alone with no distractions such as the internet was so distasteful to 2/3 of men and 1/4 of women that THEY CHOSE to give themselves ELECTRIC SHOCKS rather than sit quietly in a room with nothing but the thoughts in their heads!” ~ Researchers at the U of VA. …

How INSANE is THAT? What percentage of these people are PARENTS? What’s our country coming to?

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We are The Champions!

MOTHERS EVERYWHERE, take this day to love and nurture YOUR Self. HEAP the Love on Your Self because you cannot give what’s depleted. SOAK inside out in it. Kiss yourself on the bicep. We are the Champions.

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#8 of 20 Tips… Speak to the Facts Once They’re All In

Speak to the facts once they’re all in. That seems easy to say but the truth is, ALL of the facts are never in. So the best we can do is be aware of that as we mete out our decisions.

The facts that remain hidden are the ones that have to do with ‘why’ the teen is motivated to do or say what they did. Some facts can be explained. Others are under the surface and can’t be recognized even by the teen. If the teen can’t recognize key motivations for their behavior, they can hardly tell you EXACTLY why such and such happened.

A grain of salt is in order. To reduce the stress levels on yourself, it’s a good idea to be aware that the ‘unexplainable’ exists. COUNT IT as one (or two) of the ‘facts’ and address issues accordingly. Ultimately, you MUST believe everything will be OK in order to help make it so.

Are you patient in gathering your facts before meting out consequences?

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